Tony Horton on Today talking P90X

Whether you like his politics or not, Paul Ryan is building excitement talking about fitness, P90X and Insanity. Tony Horton, the creator of P90X and P90X2, has been going to the congressional gym to lead workouts with congressmen from both sides of the aisle together. It’s so great to see the leaders in our country getting the word out about health and fitness and then doing something about it themselves. This is something that no matter your background, age, fitness level, health or location that you can do.

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Congressman Ryan became involved in fitness after finding his father dead at a young age due to a heart attack. He made a decision to keep himself in the best shape possible and today is using P90X and Insanity to maintain his fitness.

For myself, being diagnosed with COPD was my turning point. Granted it was from years of smoking and other poor choices throughout my life but I believe my purpose in life now is to help other people through my experiences. Using P90X and Insanity, Paul Ryan has achieved 6-8% body fat and is in great shape. More importantly he is really getting the country talking about fitness.

The results of a survey by the CDC about the obesity rates in this country show the need that’s out there. 39 states had obesity rates over 25% with 12 states over 30%. This is such a sad figure and a commentary on our food and fitness choices and yes it is a choice.

It is my hope that now that the dialog has begun that people will realize there is something that can be done about this epidemic in our country that’s only getting worse. It is my responsibility as a Team Beachbody coach to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Do you need help? Don’t know where to start? Sign up for the FREE membership below to get started on a journey to wellness that will amaze you.

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Author:Michael McDonald

Fitness nut who golfs and rides motorcycles. Diagnosed with COPD in 2009 which got me started on a healthier path in my life. Now I share my experience to help give people hope.

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