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Cafe Latte Shakeology Featured

Cafe Latte Shakeology

  Café Latte Shakeology®   Rich, robust, and creamy Café Latte Shakeology is formulated with Whole Coffee Fruit*, a new superfood powerhouse native to regions of Mexico and India. Savor the delicious coffee flavor with only 25% of the caffeine you’d typically get from an 8 oz. cup o’ Joe.     Enjoy healthy nutrition […]

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Shakeology Sample Packs

Recently Beachbody gave away Shakeology samples to contest winners to try for 7 days. Check the video out to see what they had to say about Shakeology. If you missed the contest and would like to give Shakeology a try you can purchase a Shakeology 7 or 4 Day Sample Pack below. The flavors are […]

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Vanilla Shakeology

FINALLY it’s here!! Vanilla Shakeology! The Healthiest Meal of the Day® Offering a World of Nutrition in Every Glass Finally, a vanilla shake healthy enough to live up to our name. It took us years of searching and testing—and we’re proud to bring you our newest flavor breakthrough. The result? A healthy shake that’s purely […]

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Round 2 Ultimate Reset Results

I finished up the Beachbody Ultimate Reset for round 2 on 5/7/13. My final results are: 4/17 4/24 5/1 5/8 Weight 201.7 200 194.2 192.5 BMI 17.1 16.7 15.4 15 Mus 39.8 39.9 40.4 40.5 TBW 60.4 60.7 61.6 61.9 Bon 14.9 15 15.1 15.2 Chest 41 Waist 39.5 Hips 38.5 L Arm 14.5 R […]

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8 Tips On How to Fit a Balanced Diet Into Your Busy Schedule

Welcome to a typical day at the office. Most of us know it well. You’re not even at your desk yet and your mind is already preoccupied with emails to answer, phone calls to return, and meetings to attend. Before you know it, lunchtime rolls around and you’re running on nothing but caffeine. By this […]

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