Preview of P90X2

Have you graduated from any extreme or hard core workout such as P90X, Insanity, Insanity: Asylum, TurboFire, TurboJam, Chalean Extreme? Want to do the most advanced new workout from Tony Horton? P90X2 is now available from your Beachbody coach (ME). Here’s a little sneak peek of what you can expect from P90X2.

PAP or post-activation potentiation training is the latest breakthrough in exercise and fitness and will bring your training to a whole other level. PAP training is being used at the Peak Performance Project or 3P training facility in Santa Barbara, California to train only professional or elite athletes including olympians, pro and college sports teams and a select few high school programs. I had the pleasure of doing some of the exercises with Tony Horton in June and let me just say that I really had to Bring It to keep up. The program is made up of 3 different phases, focusing on different aspects of your fitness: Foundation, Strength and Performance. There are going to be a limited number of copies available this year so be the first to get it. Simply click here to order . If you order your copy from your coach (me) you will receive 2 bonus DVDs from the One On One series. I’ve received my copy I can’t wait to Bring It Again starting January 2, 2012!!!!

Author:Michael McDonald

Fitness nut who golfs and rides motorcycles. Diagnosed with COPD in 2009 which got me started on a healthier path in my life. Now I share my experience to help give people hope.

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