How to stick to New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year. New Year’s is the time everyone makes their New Years Resolution and usually by March they are all done and have failed. Rather than keep trying people will say, ok I’ll just do it next year. So How do I stick to my New Years Resolution? Here are some tips to help you stick to the resolutions and succeed. This is for any Resolution whether it’s to get fit, quit smoking, change a diet or anything else. Being a fitness blog I am going to use weight loss as my example.

new-years-resolutionFirst thing is to make some small concrete goals leading up to the bigger goal. If you say your goal is to lose 50 pounds you probably will fail pretty quickly. Weight just doesn’t come off that fast. While it’s a good goal to have and the ultimate result you want to achieve it’s best to break it up. Say I’m going to lose 50 pounds and if I lose 2 pounds a week for the next year then I will have lost 52 pounds. Goal achieved and 2 pounds a week is definitely achievable.

Secondly,  realize that it’s not a one time event but a lifestyle change. This will totally determine whether or not you succeed. In order to lose the 2 pounds a week you will be doing some form of exercise as well as putting the proper foods into your body. If you don’t change what got you to where you are then you won’t see the results. Remember that it takes at least 21 days to create a habit. Commitment and discipline are very important especially in the beginning.

Third, connect with somebody who has achieved the results you want to achieve. If your goal is to lose weight and get healthy then connect with someone who teaches nutrition and exercises. Develop a program or strategy geared toward your goals. I used several of the Beachbody programs as well as Shakeology along with the help of several Beachbody coaches to achieve my results. You could also read forums. Beachbody has a message board(to access the message boards you will have to have a free account) where you can get all kinds of helpful tips for whatever your goal happens to be or if you have other issues that someone else may have gone through or is going through. The people there are there to help.

Finally, realize that there is no magic bullet. Whatever it is you decide to do for a resolution realize that there will be some work involved. You will see many commercials or ads for all sorts of crazy tools and gimmicks to lose weight or get rock hard abs or whatever. The majority of these don’t work unless you do. If you want to lose weight you’re going to have to sweat and you’re going to have to change your diet. Some gimmicks may cause weight loss but there may also be a heavy cost involved. By using proper nutrition and whole foods you will be feeding your body the things it needs. By exercising you will burn off fat stores not just for appearance but also from around vital organs which will reduce the risk for many diseases such as diabetes and heart failure.

I really hope if you’ve set a New Years Resolution to get healthy, lose weight, feel better, quit smoking or anything else that you can use these tips to achieve what you want to achieve. I’m here to help. Leave a comment if you have a question or just want to let me know you’ve been helped. Good luck and stick with it!!

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Author:Michael McDonald

Fitness nut who golfs and rides motorcycles. Diagnosed with COPD in 2009 which got me started on a healthier path in my life. Now I share my experience to help give people hope.

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