Fitness with COPD

My journey of fitness with COPD.

My name is Mike and in September of 2009 I was diagnosed with COPD which is an incurable lung disease that was caused by over 30 years of smoking. My lung capacity was 52%.

I quit smoking in January of 2010 but the damage had already been done. Due to my lung and weight issues I was having a hard time doing anything. Getting off the couch was becoming a major chore and I was fairly overweight weighing 234 pounds with almost 30% body fat.

Living in a 2 story house I couldn’t even go upstairs to go to sleep without crawling up the final few steps. I was extremely depressed but it was a cycle that fed into itself. The less active I became, the harder it became to do anything and I felt worse about myself as well. Something had to change-and it did!

On September 4, 2013 I was asked to share my story of how I overcame COPD, alchoholism, drug abuse, obesity and depression. Since that time I’ve become a fitness coach helping other people get started as well as becoming a certified Insanity© instructor.

Sharing my story is a way I can hopefully inspire someone to begin their fitness journey or give them hope that they can get better. Quality of life is a huge part of WHY I first made the decision to get started but I also know it’s a lifelong process and having an incurable disease makes it imperative that I continue.

Here is my story of fitness with COPD.

These are my external results but don’t tell very much of the story. The main point for me is getting rid of the depression and not being defined by my limitations to live a life I could never have imagined.

Thanks for listening.

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Author:Michael McDonald

Fitness nut who golfs and rides motorcycles. Diagnosed with COPD in 2009 which got me started on a healthier path in my life. Now I share my experience to help give people hope.

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