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Tropical Shakeology Brownies

Tropical No Bake Shakeology Brownies 2 scoops Tropical Shakeology 2 scoops Vanilla Proto Whey protein powder 1/4 cup almond butter 1-2 cups Original unsweetened almond milk 1/4 cup slivered almond slices Dash of cinnamon

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Shakeology Shamrock Shake

Ingredients: ▪ 1 Scoop Greenberry Shakeology (w/over 70+ healthy fruits, vegetables & Superfoods – No Chemicals or Artificial Flavors – NOTHING FAKE!) ▪ 8 oz of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk ▪ 1 TBS Almond Butter or 1 TBS Organic Peanut Butter ▪ 1/2 cup fresh spinach ▪ 1 cup frozen strawberries Alternate Shamrock Shakeology Shake […]

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