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Would you want to ride this bus

Would you ride this bus? Tell me below! I would definitely ride this bus. Totally cool! Post by Mike McDonald Coaching and Business Services.

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Les Mills Combat starting Monday

Well after taking it easy for a few weeks I am ready to get going hard core again. I have been mostly doing Hip Hop Abs from Shaun T. and I must say that my abs are showing some definition that they hadn’t shown before. That’s not even doing the whole program so I am […]

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How to stick to New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year. New Year’s is the time everyone makes their New Years Resolution and usually by March they are all done and have failed. Rather than keep trying people will say, ok I’ll just do it next year. So How do I stick to my New Years Resolution? Here are some tips to […]

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Happy New Year

I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year. Each year there are millions of people who make a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy. Each year the majority of these resolutions are broken by March. One of the most important ways to succeed is to sit down and figure out WHY you […]

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Pin It To Win It Contest Winner

Congratulations!!   The inaugural winner of my Pinterest Pin It To Win It is: Fill in the information at my contact page and I will ship out your samples. Don’t worry which flavor you pick you’ll be getting all 3. Congratulations again!!

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