Are You Taking Advantage Of The Worldwide E-Commerce Opportunity?

Years ago, shopping online was just a novelty; almost everyone still did the majority of their shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and only bought something online occasionally. But times have changed, and e-commerce continues to grow at a staggering rate. eCommerceAccording to, online sales in the United States alone have eclipsed over $255 billion. When measured worldwide, sales are over $763 billion a year! People simply love to shop online, and the numbers continue to trend upwards. Statistic Brain stated that 73% of online consumers love shopping online because it saves them time. Not having to deal with crowds (58%) is another popular reason to shop online instead of heading out to the local store! 83% of internet users say that they have made a purchase online, and over half (56%) have made multiple purchases online. With the ease, simplicity, and growing popularity of e-commerce for the consumer, it is easy to see why direct selling (which is a huge part of the e-commerce business) is such a successful industry. This is especially beneficial for most direct sales businesses that are taking advantage of the e-commerce tidal wave yet don’t need to establish their own e-commerce sales channel with merchant service accounts, payment gateways and associated fees. The direct selling company handles all of that themselves! reports that 74% of adults have purchased products from a direct seller, and that direct sales totals are over $28 billion in the United States and over $117 billion worldwide!

In the same survey discussed above, 67% of online consumers mentioned having “more variety” as another reason why they enjoy shopping online. Direct sales companies have excellent resources that give you the opportunity to offer a wide variety of products and services to your customers. Not only are online sales not going away anytime soon, they are trending upwards with each passing year. Getting into direct sales is an excellent way to get your piece of the e-commerce pie; whether you just want a sliver of supplemental income or a big heaping piece, it is yours for the taking!


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